If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

News / Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

When it comes to bespoke textile products, we are experienced in making various products to the highest standard.

However there is the odd occasion when a customer asks for a product that we don’t make. But that isn’t where the buck stops.

If you have read some of our previous post and pages you will see we are big into asking questions and as the saying goes “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. just because we don’t currently make it, doesn’t mean we can’t. We have a wealth of experience and a highly skilled team that regularly make home textile products such a Digitally Printed Tea Towels, Bespoke Cushions, Printed Aprons etc.

As we have total control over everything we do, (from printing the fabric with reactive inks, to steam, wash and dry, plus a talented production team that individually cut every item before being sewn, trimmed and boxed), we are able to work to your exact specification, whether that is from detailed instructions or a physical sample to take apart and reverse engineer to recreate the product with your design. If it is a new product to us, we will make it from plain fabric to get the correct measurements before making a bespoke sample ready for full production.

Our door is always open to anyone to come and see what we do and how we do it, if that meeting then turns into an impromptu product development session, then so be it. You can give instant feedback and make changes right there and then. We are constantly pushing ourselves to make better products to a higher standard, even that means getting an existing product, and taking it apart to see if improvements can be made.

Our rich history in the printing industry gives a fantastic base to start from giving you the confidence to know what you receive is to the highest quality and promotes your artwork and brand to the highest heights.

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