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Digital Pigment Printing

Digital Pigment Printing

For pigment printing, as it is a form of digital printing, we are working directly from customers digital artwork files. Pigment inks are UV light resistant, this method of print is ideal for textiles that may be made into curtains or blinds, items that could be in direct sunlight as the colours will not fade. This is the main advantage of using pigment inks for digital print.

Advantages of pigment inks

The advantage of digital pigment ink in comparison to digital reactive ink is light fastness. From this, we advise customers where the end use of the textile is to be situated in direct sunlight, that pigment would be the best option. This is only needed when it is always in direct contact with the sun. For example:

– Curtains
– Blinds
– Outdoor cushions
– Drapes



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For further information of digital pigment printing, please get in touch with our team and we can advise what we recommend for your particular end use of the textile

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