Time to cut the apron strings…….or not, as the case may be, with our custom printed aprons


We all know the popular saying “to cut the apron strings”. It’s a sign of moving away, of independence and of standing on your own two feet. Of being yourself.

There’s no coincidence that the word ‘apron’ is used here, because at Magic Textiles we not only make outstanding aprons – we make outstanding, custom made aprons that are exclusive to you. Your own style, your own design. Aprons that you really won’t want to take the scissors to! For work, for a gift, or for in the home, we’ll provide the aprons you want.

Magic Textiles appreciates that gone are the days when aprons were simply a sign of hygiene and something to keep your clothes clean. We also know that aprons are an essential item of workwear for many people! And we also know that many like giving them as bespoke present, too. That’s why we will produce aprons for every person, every company, every occasion. Stylish, bespoke, fit-for-purpose, and to your exact design and specification.

We supply both individuals and companies. Examples? Okay, from a leading gin company to any number of restaurants and cafes, and from hotels to individual designers. Our customers and clients know our aprons (100% cotton) are of a superb quality, have a vibrancy of print, and thanks to using reactive inks they have an excellent wash and rub fastness, too.

There are aprons, and then there are aprons made by Magic Textiles. Surely you deserve the very best?

And as we all know, in this day and age TV food and cooking programmes are the new rock ‘n roll. That’s why the contestants on these shows are so excited when they receive an apron to signify success in the competition. And watch closely and you’ll see Michelin-starred chefs at the start of some of these programmes, carefully tying the straps on their own bespoke apron. Because they are exactly what people see first when you have one on!

But whilst we can’t guarantee that our aprons will immediately turn you into a Ramsey, a Kerridge, or a Berry – you’ll certainly look as smart and individual as them! That’s because we can customise or personalise aprons to your own style, your own taste. As well as getting the actual apron design that you want (or shape that you want), you can also add buckles, eyelets, engineered pockets………and you can also add printed straps too, thus taking this humble kitchen staple to another level of durability, comfort, and design.

So the choice is yours: you can look the chic chef; you can give clients a gift they’ll remember and use; you can kit your staff out in superb looking, practical workwear; or you can simply just add a touch of individuality to your kitchen!

We look forward to discussing with you exactly what you want and need from your quality, custom-made aprons. (25 minimum order)