Introducing our latest machine.... A Canon Colorado M-Series UV Gel Wallpaper/ Media printer!

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UV Gel Wallpaper and Media Printing

UV Gel Wallpaper and Media Printing

Introducing our latest venture.... Our brand new Canon Colorado M-series that uses UV gel inks! UV gel inks have a wide colour yield, little colour variation between batches and minimal fade. Perfect for wallpaper, gift wrap, outdoor signage and much more!

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Wallpaper and Gift Wrap Price List 2024 – Downloadable version of the price list. 

For wallpaper it is a minimum order of 2 x 10m rolls of the same design. We print in multiples of 2 rolls minimum per design, this is due to the print/cutting processing set up. The price list is for quanties between 2 rolls – 24 rolls. For prices over 24 rolls, please get in touch with us directly via email as we will calculate a bespoke quote based on your artwork.

For gift wrap it is a minimum order of 50 sheets per design. On the price list, it is more cost effective to set your artwork to be a repeating pattern rather than a placement print. This is because there is no gaps between the prints on the paper, therefore making it more cost effective. If you have a repeating pattern, each sheet could have a slightly different section of the repeat. If you had the placement print, the design placement on each sheet will be exactly the same, an example of this would be having your logo in the bottom right hand corner.

Samples for both wallpaper and gift wrap are free of charge. Please ensure your artwork is print ready and sent to us via WeTransfer to



After the design has been printed onto the selected media, the print then needs to be cut out. Using precise laser technology, our Flexa media cutter allows us to slice the prints to be perfectly seamless. The Flexa has a 'Magic Eye' which ensures the media is kept perfectly straight whilst being cut and therefore the paper can be cut precisly on the repeat line. This is vital for wallpaper. From this, you are left with perfectly parallel and perpendicular wallpaper lengths that repeat seamlessly when applied to a wall.

The Finish

All of our wallpapers are secured in heat wrapped polythene, with an information label attached. You can download our recommended template below, all you need to do is add the artwork you would like to have on the label. This can be brand logos/names and colour schemes. You can add barcodes and any extra details. The QR is a link to our care instruction page on our website and it is a guide on how the customer applies the wallpaper to the wall. The QR is not a requirement, you could even add your own QR code.

The Finish