Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin…… with our custom printed cushions


Let us help to turn your old chair or settee into something that people really want to sit on.

Let us help to turn your reception or waiting room into a really welcoming room.

Let us help to turn your bedroom into the bedroom that you really want.

Don’t let others enter your rooms that host those old, generic, boring cushions that never get any attention. Refresh your home, office, or place of work into an area that gives a superb, positive image of you, your company, or your brand. In short: ditch your old, tired cushions and let Magic Textiles design some personalised, bespoke, high quality cushions for you.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, we can help you to bring that stylish, personal touch to your cushions, which in turn can breathe new life into a room, immediately giving those entering that room due notice that you really do go that extra mile.

We’re big on questions, here at Magic Textiles, and we’re also big on you making a brilliant first, second, third, fourth…..impression with your cushions, too. So, ask yourself the following – and be honest, now…….

Don’t you ever enter a room and notice the cushions before you actually notice what they’re placed upon? If so, you can bet that your family, friends, neighbours, customers and clients do, too!

Wouldn’t you want cushions which boast a supreme vibrancy of print, and ones that use reactive inks to turns cushion designs into stunning, unique cushion designs?

Perhaps you don’t just want a one-sided cushion design, or possibly a cushion whose design doesn’t even cover the full cushion? It’s your choice, but we can, and do, easily cater for any design. One-sided, two-sided, all over print etc……Because we provide cushions exactly how you want them!

Do you want to use a leading textile company, one that is able to print the design on numerous fabrics?

Do you want your cushions even more personalised, even more unique? Perhaps you’d like to have branded labels or contrasting piping included, or maybe having cushions in a different size than the standard 45 x 45cm?

Hopefully, you’ll have answered a resounding “YES!” to all or some of the above. If so, our contact details can be found here – we’d love to chat about providing you with superb, bespoke cushions.

Our minimum order of 30 cushions can even be split into multiple designs, thus giving your creative side even more leeway!

So, whether you are buying cushions as a gift, sprucing up your home or hotel, or adding a new range to re-invigorate your place of work – contact us. There really is a good reason we have ‘Magic’ in our name!

We look forward to discussing with you exactly what you want and need from your quality, custom-made cushions. (please note: cushions exclude filling)