Printing Rotary Screen Printed Fabric

Rotary Screen Printed fabric involves pressing printing paste or ink through mesh on a cylindrical screen onto fabric.


It involves a screen which is engraved for each colour, and loaded into our rotary screen printer for high speed and high quality textile printing. We are able to print at up to 1.85 metres wide, and up to 6 colours per design. We can print your own design or you can choose from our design catalogue of over two thousand designs.

Colour separations service

We also offer a colour separations service in order to prepare your images for printing.. Rotary screen printing is still the printed fabric print process of choice for many of our clients, this is due to the fast print speed and fantastic value for money that this process can offer.

High volume print runs

Planning on producing printed fabric in substantial volumes? Rotary screen printing gives you the best value for money. Of course, the less colours the printed design requires, the lower the price of the finished screen printed product will be.

Specialist high quality print design services

We also offer specialist high quality print design services, and the fact that we also print digitally means that we can provide digitally printed samples. All samples are produced with care and attention to detail to ensure that we can match the quality with rotary printing.