It’s a place where families gather on a daily basis.

A place where you entertain.

A place where you put your drink, a snack, a newspaper or magazine……

A place where you have some of the best moments of the year.

And a place for talking and socialising. Or just being on your own and having a minute or two to yourself…..

The humble, unassuming table, ladies and gentlemen. At Magic Textiles, we have tables covered.

They cost quite a lot, tables, don’t they? So, they need protection, but you also want to create a great first impression, don’t you? You probably don’t want to cover your table with an after-thought: something that gets pulled out of a drawer once a year, has the cobwebs blown off it, and then is put away as quickly as it came out. Although saying that, you may very well want a one-off bespoke tablecloth for just this purpose – for special occasions or special dates in the calendar, such as birthdays and Christmas Day?

Whatever its purpose, don’t let your tablecloth be plain, dull, and generic. Let your tablecloth tell a story; let it be personal to you; or let it be uber-stylish. Or let it be all three!

Need some inspiration on just how bespoke we can get? How about a new tablecloth as a stunning one-off for a wedding, where the names of the guests are printed onto the tablecloth instead of on place setting cards? THAT is how personalised and special our custom-made tablecloths can be.

Made from cotton half panama, your bespoke printed tablecloth from Magic Textiles will see our digital printed facilities in North Staffordshire enabling us to not only print, but to give you a full production service, too. Be it for a hotel, restaurant, your home, or for corporate events, at Magic Textiles we will print your design onto various fabrics to suit your individual needs. And if you have any corporate guidelines needing us to use your exact colour, we can colour-match your pantone to keep within these guidelines, as well!

So, whether you are in need of a table covering for a special occasion or one-off, need bespoke, stylish tablecloths for your business or clients, or simply want to add that personal touch to one of the main features in your home – please contact us.