Being reactive has it’s benefits

News / Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

In today’s society being reactive is seen to be a negative compared to being pro-active.

However in our case, being reactive is a huge bonus, this is why we use reactive inks when we digitally print fabrics for our vast range of customers. This process means that the ink is dying the fibre rather than sitting on top of the fabric, the benefit of this is that the reactive dying process means it gives a superior wash and rub fastness, which in a nut shell means the ink will not come off onto other fabrics such as your best shirt or dress.

On top of this the fact that the ink is impregnated into the fabric means that when you feel the fabric you are feeling the texture of the material rather than the ink that sits on top, which for those of you with sensitive skin is a huge benefit.

So why choose Magic over anyone else?

As we control every stage of the fabric printing process, we are able to make amendments where necessary to make sure the fabric you want is to the highest standard and is the perfect weight, colour, design etc to suit the end process which can range from cushions to suit linings, this is evident by the customers we deal with. We have in the past and continue to work with all variations of customers ranging from a student at university doing a fashion degree through to multi-national companies such as Paul Smith and Sony.

We pride ourselves on being a British manufacturer and welcome anyone to come to our customer built facility to see the process in which we make our fabric, we have invested heavily in the business and have rapidly grown from being a rotary printer to now offering rotary and digital printed fabric for you to do with as you wish along with the ability to offer finished products such as cushions, scarves, tablecloths etc. We continue to develop our products and on a daily basis research our field to make sure we are ahead of the game to enable us to give you the highest quality fabric and service as possible.

So there you have it, a British manufacture, offering a full in house production facility that is dedicated to being the best at what we do. To become one of our valued customers get in touch with one of our magicians | 01538 3888877