For your brand, for your company, for you………to get you noticed.


“Why do I need a bespoke, custom-made flag or a banner?”

Do you want to advertise or promote what you do? Or do you simply want to make a statement of intent about who you are and why you’re there? Maybe you want to differentiate yourself from your rivals and competitors? Or perhaps you want to show your existing and potential customers and clients that you go that extra mile?

Flags and banners are a great way of getting in people’s faces in a really nice way. Flags and banners will give you maximum exposure for minimum expenditure.

“But where would I need to display a flag or a banner?”

Magic Textiles can design and/or make flags and banners for any and every event, to be totally honest with you: From company/office/school flagpoles to a concert venue backdrop (as we recently made for the band Divenire); from football matches or clubs (as we recently made for a leading Premier League football club) to business networking meetings; From tablecloths for presenting your products on in a supremely nusiness-like, bespoke manner (as we recently made for Caspyn Gin) to a design for the World Cup 2018 in Russia; and from creating superb front-of-house visuals to backdrops for when you’re at a trade exhibition. The list is endless, the choice is yours.

And we can be with you every step of the way…..

You’ll hopefully know that our production systems are second-to-none, thanks to state-of-the art technology and years of expertise, ensuring that the finished product will be outstanding. But whilst many customers and clients choose to design their own flag or banner, we can also assist in the design process, too. All you have to dos is ask!

We digitally print any image, text and colour onto a wide range of different fabrics, so we have the ability to print any flag or banner up to 150cm wide and as long as you wish. So, you’ll be getting the sharp design that your flags and banners need.

We look forward to discussing with you exactly what you want from your quality, custom-made fabric flags and banners.

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