The humble tea towel isn’t so humble any more……..


Every home, every hotel, every restaurant, every café, every school, most businesses, indeed virtually all public buildings, oh, and you: They all need and use tea towels! So obviously, they should be fit-for-purpose.
But your tea towels are always on show, too. That’s why you’ll probably want them to look great? So, why settle for second, third or fourth best? Be it customers, relatives, clients, friends, or even nosey neighbours. Your tea towels really do get seen.

And at Magic Textiles, ours certainly do!

We want people to make sure your bespoke, custom-printed tea towels get seen as well as used. Everything in life gets seen, and so everything makes a first impression.
If only your kitchen could talk, it would be telling you to contact us. Unfortunately, they don’t – although that would make a really great film!
So, let’s make it easy for you. Why would you choose Magic Textiles for your custom-made, high quality tea towels? Find out by answering the following questions:

Do you want tea towels that……

1.  Are made exactly to your own bespoke design and specification?
2. Add a touch of sophistication, class, style, or individuality to your kitchen?
3. Are lovingly, professionally made for you, right in the heart of the country, on-site, by our outstanding team?
4. Have a quality and vibrancy of print that is simply superb?
5. Are made by a company that works with the likes of Paul Smith, Sony, Barbour, Rolls Royce….as well as any number of smaller businesses and   individual clients?
6. Uses reactive inks, not simply pigmented inks? Meaning that you get a superior wash and rub fastness.
7. Consist of only natural, beautiful fabrics? Sorry, we don’t print tea towels on polyester?
8. Are full cover prints as standard not placement prints?
9. Ensures the design stays on your tea towel, not on your plate?
10. Really do feel great? After all, despite looking brilliant you’ll probably want to use them
11. Are made by a company big enough to meet the demands of the biggest companies, yet personable enough to ensure the same high standards are met when working with smaller companies and individuals?

Notice how we used the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ in the above section quite a lot. That’s no coincidence – after all, bespoke is about you, not others!

You’re probably thinking right now, “But doesn’t bespoke and custom-made come with a price tag to match?” No, not at all. Because at Magic Textiles, quality is affordable; chic, stylish, quirky or unique is cost- effective; and classic or contemporary is economical.

As stated before, the humble tea towel isn’t really humble anymore, so why not mix your superb design to our outstanding craftmanship and customer service?

The devil really is in the detail here. Or rather, contact details (click)

We look forward to discussing with you exactly what you want from your quality, custom-made tea towels