A bag says a lot about you…… but a digitally printed bag says more.


But maybe you don’t feel too bothered that for many people it’s the first thing they see when you’re walking down the street?

Perhaps when you’re out of your hotel room it doesn’t matter what the staff think about your tatty washbag in your bathroom?

And when you’re applying last minute touches to your look, others never, ever gaze at your rather plain and generic make-up bag in the rest-room, do they?

Bags really do matter.

So, let Magic Textiles produce bags with bags of style – ones that add that personal touch to your outfit; ones that are supremely practical; ones that make great, personalised gifts; or even ones you quite fancy the idea of others seeing when you’re in a hotel or rest room.? Ones that show your friends, client, staff, or even strangers that you’ve gone that extra mile in acquiring bags that they themselves may want, need, appreciate, and deserve.

Let us turn your imaginative and personal designs, ideas and thoughts into the finished article: Totes/Shoppers, Washbags, Make-up bags….the choice is literally yours.

Let’s start with tote/shopping bags……

Standard size or made-to-measure, you’ll once again be getting a top quality product once again made using reactive inks for an amazingly sharp design that is total fit-for-purpose. And you can really show off your individuality with printed handles or possibly choosing a contrasting printed lining and bespoke sewn-in label, too? After all, why settle for second best when making a first impression?

Our tote bags are what shoulders were made for!

…and now for washbags/make-up bags…….

Digitally printed, and coming in a size that is determined by you not us, let Magic Textiles you’re your dreams of a bespoke fabric washbag or make-up bag come to life. They can even come with a showerproof lining and/or boxed bottom. Put your own personal stamp on products that are often seen as self-effacing, and turn the meek and modest into the magnificent!

From men’s’ grooming product companies to sports clubs, and from the savvy-conscious shopaholic to cosmetics companies, we have provided bags with bags of individuality to our clients and customers.

(25 minimum order, including different designs)