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Whilst our design and print managers work there magic on a daily basis, the key to getting the best print quality is down to the artwork supplied by the customer.

If the artwork is low resolution saved as jpeg we can not guarantee the quality of the print will be the best, we are able to enhance your artwork but we recommend you send your artwork as high resolution as possible saved as a PDF.

Our experienced design manager has a wealth of knowledge on the design software called AVA. This software is specifically used for the print industry and enables us to make amendments such as scaling, re-colour and arranging for print. One thing to bare in mind is that what you see on your screen is not a true representation of what will be printed on fabric. We do have the ability to match colours with a variety of references such as RGB, CMYK or Pantone. If you are not design savvy but you know what colour you want, we have the ability to match the colour from anything you can supply, whether that be an existing print, piece of cloth or photo. If on the other hand you are experienced with design and certain software we can supply you with a printed pantone library on the fabric of your choosing, this will then guarantee an exact match for what you want, ensuring you will be completed satisfied with the end product.

At the point of pressing print, we will send you a visual to show you how your design will look, whether that is a repeat pattern on a set length of fabric or existing designs that have been re-coloured/scaled. When you are happy we will go to print, but it doesn’t end there. Our print manager, who’s has ever 5 years of experience knows when something is as it should be or not, if at any point something doesn’t look right on the print or the printer isn’t working as it should, he has the ability to stop the process, rectify the issue and set it to print again. We are dedicated to giving the best quality print and service, so if something is wrong we will start again to get it right, at which point we will contact you if there is an impact on delivery timescale.

We make a point of working with you to get the highest quality print for your product, we welcome anyone to our facility, to show you what we do and how we do it.

We are proud to be manufacturing in Britain and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Good and Bad Artwork

GOOD ARTWORK                                                              BAD ARTWORK