4 steps to success

Uncategorised / Friday, January 27th, 2017

When it comes to giving a customer the highest quality product there are various methods used to reach these standards. Collectively we have over 100 years experience in the fabric printing industry and bring this knowledge into every order we receive. To complete the work our printing process consists of:

1. Chemical mixture is added to the specified fabric to enable the ink to fix to the fabric.

2. The onsite digital printer furnishes the fabric with the supplied artwork using reactive inks which boast superior wash and rub fastness along with greater colour vibrancy and softness on the skin.

3. The printed fabric is then passed through the steamer that creates a reaction to combine the chemical mixture and ink together to enhance the colours which then dyes the fibres of the fabric, thus giving it a high wash and rub fastness compared to inks sitting on top of the fabric.

4. The finished printed fabric is then fed through the wash range at 90 degrees to remove any left over coating or unfixed dye, this shows the wash fastness is second to none.

At this stage the fabric is then fed onto a roll to be sent to the customer to make into the finished item or it is passed onto our CMT department to make into a finished product such as cushions, tea towels, aprons etc.

We pride ourselves on fast turn around times (5-7 days on printed fabric & 1-2 weeks on finished products) along with competitive prices and excellent customer service. To us you are a valued customer no matter the size of your business not just a number.

To have your designs brought to life email info@magictextiles.co.uk or call 01538 388877