Uncategorised / Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

The saying “the fabric of life” has many connotations  but the best we have seen is as follows:

The fabric of life has to do with all the criss-crossing threads that make up a fabric. Think of your friends, family, career, dreams, plans for the future, etc. as threads, all crossing over each other and touching each other to make a fabric. You don’t want to start pulling out random threads because that weakens the fabric and possibly makes it easier for other threads to be pulled out. Next thing you know your life has become completely unraveled.

So when it comes to the fabric you have to make sure it is the best and most suitable for your needs, you wouldn’t use viscose to make curtains, neither would you use cotton linen for a scarf or suit lining.

We have seen a big increase in start up companies and designers wanting to go it alone and have their designs brought to life but are unsure of what fabric to use for their individual project. That is where we come in, as a company we have over 90 years of experience dealing with textiles, from the best fabric to use, the most beneficial method of printing and how to maximise your design to its greatest potential.

We have in the past and continue to work with a wide range of companies from individuals selling on a market stall all the way through to multi-national companies such as Sony, Paul Smith, Belstaff, Barbour who not only use us for the quality of our work but also the knowledge we possess. Our team are more than happy to sit with you and discuss how best to bring your designs to life and will happily produce a sample for you to approve before we go into full production.

We believe we set ourselves apart from our competitors by the service we offer, the fast turn around times and the ability to complete all sizes of orders from 1 metre through to 55,000 meters and more. To see your design brought life and showcase your work to the world, contact one of our team today by calling 01538 388877 or email