Size doesn’t matter

Uncategorised / Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Ever heard the saying size matters?

This can be true some of the time but with us it doesn’t matter. As we control all processes when it comes to printing your chosen design onto various different fabrics we offer all quantities to suit your needs, This can range from 1metre to endless metres fabric, for digitally printing we run our machines at 80 metres an hour which means if you give us the time we give you as much as you need.

Our highly skilled and knowledgable technicians will discuss with you what you need and how best to get you the end results you require. If you have a highly complicated image or design, we recommend digital print to make sure the quality of the image is maintained. If however you have a more simple looking design that only use a couple of colours we would recommend to use our rotary pointing machine especially if you require a larger quantity.

If you have a design but need to make amendments, just ask. We have the ability to recolour the design to give you the opportunity to offer your customers the same design in various colour ways, as well as being able to resize the design to give it a totally different look but keeping the essence of the design.

Unsure of what fabric best suits your needs we are able to give you expert advice on what is best for your end product for example, if you are in the fashion industry and want to have custom linings sewn into your suit jackets we recommend to use our 100% 80gsm viscose taffeta or 75gsm viscoses twill. For our list of fabrics and recommended end uses please click here  but if you can’t see what you want feel free to get in touch. | 01538 388877