Are you prepared for the aftermath of Covid19? 

Do you envisage business coming back with a bang after Covid19?

If so, then now is the time to get organised and try out some new designs ready for life to get back to normality.

With Boris Johnson announcing that all non essential shops will be able to open on the 15th June, following the lockdown due to Covid19 also known as Coronavirus, they will be looking to get their stock in thick and fast ready for the influx of customers.

As sampling is something we recommend, why not get creative and try out some new designs or even variations of existing designs.

With a lead time of 7-10 working days for samples, it is a perfect way of seeing what works and what doesn’t, giving you the ability to order the exact stock you require, with the designs you are happy with, after all, your designs are your babies.

Whether you are just printing your designs by the metre or having a finished product such as a tea towel, face mask etc, now is the time to try before you buy, we can even send you the templates for the products so you can engineer your designs to fit the specific product you are looking for, enabling you to see exactly how the design will look.


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Face masks have become a necessity in the fight against the coronavirus also known as Covid-19,

Officials across the world are recommending that people wear face masks to help slow the spread of the virus. With the highest medical grade masks being reserved for health care workers, who are regularly exposed to infected patients, there is a growing need for an alternative.

Medical experts are saying a mask is effective only if worn properly, fitting snugly from the top of the nose to below the chin, with no gaps. Masks should be worn the entire time you are outside, and should not be moved up and down. While no mask is 100 per cent effective, it can help the person wearing them, along with people they come into contact with stay safe.

People around the world have resorted to making masks from scrap material at home, which works in regards to safety but not necessarily for self esteem or mental wellness. 

When we look good, we feel good, whether that is with a pair of shoes or a new top, masks will be the new way of showing off your style, with other countries making wearing masks outside a necessity, there is a good chance this will come into effect in the UK, so now is the time to get ahead of the trend with custom printed and made face masks with your own bespoke designs.

Digitally printed on high quality, natural fabrics using reactive inks, means they will not only have excellent wash fastness and colour vibrancy but also the inks conform to relevant standards meaning there are no harmful chemicals being breathed in. We have had numerous existing customers place orders with their designs and company branding, so now is the time to get designing.

MOQ 100 (can be various designs)

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Sublimation Printing on polyester fabrics

If you have read some of our previous blogs and newsletters you will know we are not the kind of company to sit still and make do with what we have got.

We are constantly evolving and adding new products and services to what we already offer.

With this in mind we have now taken delivery of a new sublimation printer that will allow us to print man made fabrics such as polyester. 

This opens the doors to new opportunities that until now we have not been able to do. One of the reasons of doing this is to offer polyester/velvet cushions to sit along side our current range of cotton and cotton/velvet mix, plus it gives us the ability to make flags and banners suitable to be used outside.

This process involves printing your design onto paper which is then heat transferred onto polyester, which as per digital printing onto natural fabrics as no limits to what can be printed, any colour, image, photo or text.

With this new addition, we now offer the following:

Digital printing on natural fabrics using reactive inks.

Rotary screen printing on various base cloths using pigment inks.

Oilcloth coated fabrics

Sublimation printing on polyester

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When it comes to the english weather, anything can happen at any time, sunny one minute heavy down pours the next.

All that preparation of having bespoke tablecloths printed giving any boring table a new lease of life and in split second it is soaking wet, looking like a rag.

So why not pre-empt the typical english weather and have your fabric coated with oilcloth to make it waterproof and last the test of time.

Here at Magic Textiles we are now offering the ability to coat your bespoke printed fabric with matt TPU (thermoplastic Polyurathene) making the coated site fully waterproof and safe from the elements. 

We have invested in the new machinery to enable us to create various waterproof items such as tablecloths, aprons and bags giving you that extra bit of quality.

Our minimum for printed metres starts at just 25 metres and are able to coat the fabric unto 145-150cm wide, which can also be split into various designs. MOQ’s for other products vary between 60-100. 

With an average turn around of 2-3 weeks for fabric by the metre and 4-5 weeks from finished products from you sending the artwork to having your very own designs printed and coated you will be safe in the knowledge your outdoor party will be a hit.

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There is a saying that says “don’t rest on your laurels” which means to be satisfied with your achievements and not to make an effort to do anything else.

As a business we are the exact opposite, we strive to be the best at what we do and constantly look at ways to improve and to offer a better service. That is why we have taken delivery this week of a new wash range and steam unit, which will increase the capacity of fabric we are able to process, thus improving on delivery timescales.

We understand that, you get out what you put in and we are committed to reinvesting in new process and machinery to constantly improve and better ourselves.

In march this year we invested in a new printer to increase printing capacity which left us with a bottle neck in washing process, this new kit which was delivered this week will now mean we can process more fabric at a quicker pace.

This along with employing more machinists to bring peoples designs to life has meant 2018 is set to be the best year yet.

We thank all existing customers for there support and look forward to working with you and new customers in the new future.

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You’re stood at the front of a queue… at the cashpoint, the bar, or at a reception. Maybe at a wedding? Or perhaps you’re at a meeting, at work, or in a restaurant, and have hung your jacket or coat up? Or maybe you’re at a job interview where it’s often said that the interviewer usually knows who will get the job within the first thirty seconds of meeting them? That’s how massive first impressions are.

Or maybe you’re at none of the above – you’re just out and about. Wherever you are, you’re feeling more than a little self-conscious.


Because you know sooner rather than later, you’ll be reaching into your inside pocket for your wallet, purse, keys etc. Or maybe a gust of wind will take you by surprise? And that’s when that first impression of your suit or jacket quickly becomes a second impression. The lining of your suit or jacket matters…


Because you want to look great; you want to be noticed for the right reasons. You will probably vividly remember that jacket you saw worn by someone who went that extra sartorial mile. The person who rocked a bespoke, stylish or distinctive lining that turned an ordinary suit or jacket into a brilliant suit or jacket?

Let that person be you…

Stand out from the crowd and stand out in the crowd with your custom, bespoke suit lining or jacket lining. Let us lovely folk at Magic Textiles provide linings that set you apart, using your own choice of design or one of our distinctive styles. Companies such as Barbour, Paul Smith and Saville Row Tailors, amongst many others, have! 

We supply individuals and companies from all over the world with the exact lining that they want. From their beloved pets to their brand, from formal to informal – we provide the bespoke linings that our customers and clients want.

Magic Textiles will help you to stand out through amazingly sharp digitally printed linings on viscose taffeta or viscose twill – so we are able to print any design you wish! The fabrics we use offer superior wash and rub fastness, along with excellent comfort to the skin due to the reactive inks we use. So a beautiful silky, sharp look comes as standard.

The devil is once again in the detail. Let the inside of your clothing look as great as the outside. From one-offs to staff uniforms, from functional to fashionable: stand out from the rest and put your individual stamp on what you wear.

We look forward to discussing with you exactly what you want from your quality, custom-made bespoke suit lining or jacket lining fabric.

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Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to Magic, Happy birthday to us!

Today Magic Textiles celebrates its 10th birthday and what a 10 years it has been,

but 10 years doesn’t scratch the surface.


Although we have been in our purpose built facilities for around 6 years and the 4 years previously in a smaller unit, we have around 100 years experience in the textile and printing industry with expertise in print, colour management and fabrics.

We have built up a reputation for being high quality printers using various techniques such as rotary screen printing using pigment inks, reactive digital printing, which has seen a dramatic increase in the last 2 years along with acid inks on nylon based fabrics.

To keep up with growing demand and to give our customers a better, quicker experience we have recently invested in another digital printer which allows us to increase volume, whilst maintaining and improving on the quality of what we do.

Having gained the expertise in the printing industry, giving us the best footing to diversify, we have, in the last 2-3 years been manufacturing finished products for a vast range of customers, ranging from tea towels, to cushion and aprons to oven gloves.

One customer once said “if you could do the printing and production, you would have my business for life” and so we did. The said customer has now increased the range of products and quantity, and even sells into John Lewis.

The past 18-24 months has seen the business more than double in size due to increased demand and is going from strength to strength.

Here’s to another 10 years and more people Believing in Magic!

When it comes to bespoke textile products, we are experienced in making various products to the highest standard.

However there is the odd occasion when a customer asks for a product that we don’t make. But that isn’t where the buck stops.

If you have read some of our previous post and pages you will see we are big into asking questions and as the saying goes “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. just because we don’t currently make it, doesn’t mean we can’t. We have a wealth of experience and a highly skilled team that regularly make home textile products such a Digitally Printed Tea Towels, Bespoke Cushions, Printed Aprons etc.

As we have total control over everything we do, (from printing the fabric with reactive inks, to steam, wash and dry, plus a talented production team that individually cut every item before being sewn, trimmed and boxed), we are able to work to your exact specification, whether that is from detailed instructions or a physical sample to take apart and reverse engineer to recreate the product with your design. If it is a new product to us, we will make it from plain fabric to get the correct measurements before making a bespoke sample ready for full production.

Our door is always open to anyone to come and see what we do and how we do it, if that meeting then turns into an impromptu product development session, then so be it. You can give instant feedback and make changes right there and then. We are constantly pushing ourselves to make better products to a higher standard, even that means getting an existing product, and taking it apart to see if improvements can be made.

Our rich history in the printing industry gives a fantastic base to start from giving you the confidence to know what you receive is to the highest quality and promotes your artwork and brand to the highest heights.

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Sometimes people say they do something, that isn’t necessarily true. The may take your order and then send it out to multiple suppliers to complete.

We however do exactly what we say we do. Our in-house facilities include: 1x Rotary screen printer, 3x digital printers, full CMT production on products such as tea towels, cushions, aprons etc. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself in the video below.

We welcome anyone to come and see us to see what we do and how we do it.

Seeing is Believing…….

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If you have read some of our previous posts you will know we are a very inquisitive company and like to ask questions. One we would like to ask you is:

What challenges are you facing with your current printer/production company? 

As we have a wealth of experience in the printing and production industry, we are aware of issues that arise and have worked hard to overcome any problems that may arise.


Is the lead time to long?

Is the MOQ to large

Are you stuck to one design per order?

Are the colours dull and lifeless?

Are the prices to high?

Are the colours consist from batch to batch?


If you are experiencing any of these problems, 2018 is the time to make a New Year resolution and  share these problems, allowing us to give you a solution. We pride ourselves on being a company that focuses on what can be done and not what can’t. Whether that is a product we don’t currently make or a new colour we need to match to, we have the experience and skill to solve these challenges.

As everything we make is bespoke, we can reverse engineer an existing product to see how it is made, from there we produce mock ups and samples on plain fabric to get it right before we go to print. If you are a new customer to us and have a specific colour you have used previously, we can match both visually to a print colour chart on your selected fabric along with a high tech spectrometer to give us a great chance of getting an exact match.

On the other hand, are you new to the printed fabric industry and looking to set up a new business with your own designs? if so it is always best to start on the right foot, that is why we offer a free sample to new customers to give you an idea of how the design will look on a finished product, giving you an educated decision on how to move forward.

We are also an open book when it comes to showing people what we do and how we do it, that’s why we welcome you all to come and see us to discuss your individual requirements. We feel it is good for you to see the processes we undertake to understand how your designs are brought to life, allowing you to make changes where needed before going into bulk orders. 


From everyone at Magic Textiles we wish you a Magical Christmas and look forward to making 2018 a fantastic year for us all.